There are plenty of opportunities for you to engage with the course instructors and teaching assistants.


Although all material is available online, the lectures are a fundamental part of this course. We will be using the meeting time to do some programming together, as practice is a fundamental part of learning to program.

The lecture times this year are:

  • Wednesdays between 2pm-4pm in LibB28/109-B28
  • Fridays between 2pm-4pm in LibB28/109-B28

Update: Lectures will resume on-campus starting from Friday 6th May. The last Zoom lecture is 4th May.

Please see the Canvas Announcement that was released regarding this.

Drop-In Labs

We have made the course a “flipped classroom” design, where lecturers will go through practical programming exercises with you during the lecture times. You will study new content in your own time using the material on this website.

As such, there are no additional lab exercises that you need to complete to get marked off on. Instead, the lab times are “drop in” sessions. You can attend any of the times below – even all of the hours if you like!

This way, the drop-in labs are a great opportunity for you to practice the lecture material, get help installing software, get help on your assignments, or in general be surrounded by other peers studying the same as you and make new friends!

The teaching assistants are very friendly and are there to support your learning, and reinforce any concepts you might not be certain about. It will be very wise and efficient for you to just attend and use that time to work on your assignments. If you have any questions, you can get it answered immediately and progress faster!

Please note:

  • TAs are there to help with technical Java issues and concepts.
  • TAs are not able to clarify assignment specifications:
    • Such questions should be asked on Piazza, as this ensures consistency and avoids miscommunication

We have arranged labs to be spread around the week, so you do not need to wait long to get one-on-one help.

The course drop-in lab times are as follows:

  • Mondays between 8am-10am in 401-312
  • Wednesdays between 8am-10am in 401-312
  • Fridays between 8am-10am in 401-312

Now that we are going back to on-campus, we will be offering drop-in labs on campus. Here’s how to get to the lab room (401-312). If you aren’t sure where this is, check out Kenneth’s video below:

We will also experiment with still offering the Zoom option (in addition to on-campus), where the TAs will try to coordinate between Zoom and in-person attendance. Please understand that priority will be given to students in the physical on-campus lab.

Part II Assistance Centre

In addition to the course-dedicated drop-in lab sessions above, don’t forget about the Part II Assistance Centre as another opportunity! It operates just like our course-specific labs, in that it is on a drop-in basis.

This operates starting from Week 2 of semester, and only during teaching weeks.

These are located in the Leech study space.

For courses in Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering, the hours are:

  • Mondays between 3pm-4pm

  • Tuesdays between 2pm-3pm

  • Wednesdays between 1pm-2pm

  • Thursdays between 1pm-2pm

There will two Zoom shifts running simultaneously with the in-person shifts in the Leech space. The details for these are as follows:

More information about the Part II Assistance Centre, visit their official website.